Friday, 03 Apr 2020

TNF inhibitor

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12 Mar 2020 Social TNF inhibitors may slow, but do not stop, Xray progression in AS, Anti–IL-17A agents may maybe the same. Study by Inman et al shows that Tyk2 inhibition may prevent xray damage (animal model) by blocking IL-23 signaling and IL-22 production.
11 Mar 2020 Social 193 #RA pts starting a TNFi followed for 12ms; 21.7% were non‐adherent to TNFi - No difference between different TNFi's. Predictors of nonadherence included High age, low DZ activity, ^^comorbidities, more injection site pain & Rxns
25 Feb 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - Latent Tuberculosis
17 Feb 2020 Social Slovenian National TB Registry (a non-endemic area w/ TB rate 6/100k similar to US). 2429 TNFi exposed (RA, AS, PsA)-6% required TB chemoprophylaxis; 6 RA and 2 PsA developed TB; 2 pts died. The TB incidence rate for TNF Rx pop was 45-51/100kPYs
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Do you prescribe TNFi for chronic idiopathic uveitis #RWCS2020 @RheumNow
04 Feb 2020 News Start with Anti-TNF in RA? Not So Fast
21 Jan 2020 Social A of TB risk with TNF inhib - Risks by country: - Worldwide - 9.62 cases/1000 pts exposed - Asia, 13.47 /1000 - S America 11.75 /1000 - Europe, 6.28 /1000 patients - North America 4.34 /1000 (low risk (USA, EU) and high risk countries (Asia, S.Amer).
21 Jan 2020 Social Anti-transcription intermediary factor 1 (TIF1)-γ autoantibodies are linked with cancer-associated Dermatomyositis in adults
28 Dec 2019 Social Is the Serious infection (SIE) risk different between TCZ and TNFi? Not when used after failing 1 TNFi; But for biologic initiators, SIE risk was higher in TCZ compared to TNFi or ABA (based on claims data from 16074 TCZ matched to 33109 TNFi initiators
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02 Dec 2019 Social Metanalysis shows that although MTX may blunt some vaccine responses (eg Pneumococcal), the use of MTX, TNF inhibitors and other biologics should not deter vaccination as most vaccine responses are preserved despite therapy.
25 Nov 2019 Social VERVE results - Live zoster vaccine safe and effective in >600 patients with autoimmune diseases treated wth TNFi abstr#0824 #ACR19 @CCalabreseDO
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @hausmannMD: Holy Molly! TNFi (etanercept, adalimumab, infliximab, or golimumab) completely prevented stokes in patients with DADA2. #AC…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Infections In out patients are increased as measured by antimicromial scripts with RA and TNFi use comparing popn control…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @DrKanikaMonga: - Risk of bDMARD withdrawal higher for TNFi monotherapy compared w/ cs/bDMARD combination - If monotherapy necessary, et…
10 Nov 2019 ACR Video Use of TNF Inhibitors: Dr. Olga Petryna
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