Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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05 Sep 2019 Social Cochrane review shows there are very few studies addressing whether smoking cessation leads to improvement in RA or inflammatory arthritis. 2 identified studies (57 pts only) failed to examine if smoking cessation intervention reduced disease activity https://t.co/TAJuGD0acc
04 Sep 2019 Social A prospecitve cohort study of 278 axSpA pts, grouped them into alcohol drinkers and non-drinkers. Alcohol was associated w/ spinal progression (mSASSS changes ≥ 2 units overr 2 yrs) (60.7% vs 29.2%, P < 0.001, compared w/ nondrinkers). 1st time finding. https://t.co/XdPrAWPQVG
04 Sep 2019 Social REVEAL Risk Score Calculates outcomes in Systemic Sclerosis–Associated Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension- based on classification, age, BNP, 6 min walk time, CKD, BP, DLCO, pericardial effusion and Right heart pressures on cath. https://t.co/xV84OE3lDp
03 Sep 2019 News Tocilizumab Shows No Increase in Cardiovascular Risk
03 Sep 2019 News Number of Prior DMARDs Portends Poorer Outcomes
31 Aug 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! In this one I Muse on choosing my next DMARD in an #RA - watch it here>> https://t.co/ZSt90z2OhE or listen to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud>> https://t.co/Cf17DKOJcv
29 Aug 2019 Social RT @WGDixon: Results from the REMORA study: daily monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis with data integrated into the electronic health record…
28 Aug 2019 Social RT @aabdogafar: Methotrexate and interstitial lung disease: controversies and questions. A narrative review of the literature | Rheumatolog…
28 Aug 2019 Social RT @drdavidliew: Sometimes we've got to stand up for our friends, and methotrexate is our friend. Cytopenias are uncommon with MTX in RA: @…
26 Aug 2019 Slide of the day RF/CCP Rules for Use
23 Aug 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! Upadacitinib Approved, ULT prevents erosions, JIA pregnancies, MDA-5 outcomes & more. Watch it here>> https://t.co/kzu32MMmRL or listen to the PODCAST on iTunes or SoundCloud>> https://t.co/Ewi3Kc6lta
23 Aug 2019 Social https://t.co/Es3nquURHJ is my new website for Physicians and Patients interested in Still’s disease (systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis), periodic fever syndromes and autoinflammatory diseases. Check out the cool AOSD Diagnosis Calculator!
22 Aug 2019 News A Multidimensional Definition of Remission
22 Aug 2019 Social Study of 1272 RA pts, 69.5% were seropositive. Seropositive RA patients had two-fold increased risk for abnormalities on PFTs (ORs ranging from 2.48 RLD, 3.12 COPD & 2.30 DLCO abnl; associations were stronger for RF+ than for CCP+. https://t.co/RQ5GgoGqwA
21 Aug 2019 Social Analysis of 128 Pediatric Rheum pts (JIA, FMF, etc) analzyed for reactions to 8 different biologics during 32,494 infusions/injections - the frequency of anaphylaxis (from TCZ or RTX) was 3.9% in children. https://t.co/GzvcR0R7Bv
20 Aug 2019 Social Telemedicine study of 122 #RA patients in the Alaska Tribal Health System shows that video telemedicine was more in pts with higher disease activity, positive views of telemedicine, and whose physicians used telemedicine more often. https://t.co/Y95ihyfSs8
20 Aug 2019 News Good Pregnancy Outcomes for DMARD Exposed JIA Patients
20 Aug 2019 News Autoantibodies Don't Disappear With Remission in RA
19 Aug 2019 Social Are you an Expert in Still's disease, Periodic Fevers, FMF or Autoinflammatory Dz? Please let me know ASAP - I want to add you to the list! https://t.co/UwKkco8q1N
18 Aug 2019 Social Part 4 - War on RA - Desperado, the Eagles, Glenn Fry inspire Desperado to stop riding fences - on RheumNow; heres the video>> https://t.co/dgShcQpWHP or listen to the podcast on iTunes or here>> https://t.co/zEL85WKnyT