Friday, 03 Apr 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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01 Apr 2020 Social RA-BioDAM study from 10 countries and 4356 visits, 571 patients finds T2T practiced in 59% of pts. The benefits of T2T were seen after 3 mos with significantly more remissions at 2 years.
01 Apr 2020 Social Using 1987 ACR Criteria, Mayo clinic finds a significant increase in incidence of RF-negative RA and decrease in RF-positive RA in 2005–2014 compared with previous decades. Smoking has decreased and obesity increased in recent years.
31 Mar 2020 Social Survival in lung cancer patients with RA is less than that of those without RA (worse w/ RA-ILD). Study of a cohort 154 lung CA pts (18 with RA,136 without RA) compared propensity matched 18 RA vs 36 without RA and Lung CA.
31 Mar 2020 Social RT @psufka: This brief correspondence discusses the risks of uncontrolled RA and lupus resulting in increased risk of infection. (via @emil…
27 Mar 2020 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Review on #covid19 risk in #RheumatoidArthritis & #rheumatoid medication #covid2019 #coronaviru…
26 Mar 2020 Social LD Research by Dr. Jeff Sparks featured in Physicians Weekly - “Studies show that clinically severe RA-ILD affects 3% to 15% of patients with RA and the median survival after RA-ILD diagnosis is only 5 years,”
24 Mar 2020 Social MTX-naïve early RA pts with poor prognostic factors entered C-OPERA trial & Rx w/ Cimzia or MTX or CZP/MTX x 1 yrs adn Rx was W/D in yr 2. Those most likely to withdraw from CZP therapy had low disease activity and low RF levels (median <50IU)
20 Mar 2020 Social A large, real-world study of 733 RA pts; assessed Dz activity & Tea consumption. There was an inverse association between tea consumption and DAS 28 Dz activity (OR 0.66, 95% CI 0.46–0.94). Surprising as caffeine reduces MTX efficacy
12 Mar 2020 Social CORRONA study of 24,528 #RA pts; 32% also has Sjogrens syndrome (overall SS prevalence in RA = 0.30 ). SS more likely with increasing RA duration, older, female, seropositive; higher DZ activity; more comorbidities and extra-articular manifestations
11 Mar 2020 Social QD Clinic is up - this one is all thing leflunomide - Aravarama! Watch here>> or Listen to the podcast on iTunes or here>>
11 Mar 2020 Social Study of 179 RA pts, 21% with ILD, shows Anti-CarP Abs were strongly associated with ILD ( OR 3:4). The role of homocitrullination in RA-ILD merits further investigation.
10 Mar 2020 Social EHR analysis of two health systems on finds among 3,577 # RA pts; 507 smoked and 29% quit over 4.7 yrs. More likely to quit were new Care pts (aOR 1.60), and rural community health system pts (1.66); Seropositives were less likely to quit (0.57)
09 Mar 2020 Social Korean National Health claims study shows there was a significant increased risk of incident #RA 6-7 weeks following respiratory viral infections (parainfluenza, coronavirus, metapneumovirus), most evident in women and elderly.
08 Mar 2020 Social QD Clinic Compilation podcast from last week - hear about: Undertreatment, Involving the Dermatologist, the 7th DMARD, Hypermobility syndrome & Pred in Hand OA. Listen to the compilation (81-85) on iTunes or SoundCloud
06 Mar 2020 Social Breast cancer pts taking Aromatase Inhibitors have higher Risk of Arthritis (13% vs 8.2%, p < 0.0001) & carpal tunnel (1.4% vs 0.8%, p 0.008). Taiwanese Claims Analysis of 2,055 women w/ breast cancer taking tamoxifen, anastrozole, letrozole, exemestane.
05 Mar 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - Kid Arthritis
05 Mar 2020 Social Risk factors for severe cranial ischaemic complications (sCIC) in GCA studied in 295 pts - 61 developed sCIC. Vision complications increased with age & jaw claudication (OR 3.43); decreased with PMR Sxs & higher CRP. Afib independent predictor of stroke.
05 Mar 2020 News Need for Disruptive Innovation in Rheumatology
05 Mar 2020 Social NICE cost analysis of combination DMARDs vs Biologic/MTX in 205 RA pts shows combo DMARDS achieve similar clinical benefits more cheaply than high-cost biologics
04 Mar 2020 Social Cohort study shows that RA pts who develop ESRD incur cardiac events sooner than the general population. However, RA is not an independent risk factor for all-cause or cardiovascular mortality in ESRD.