Friday, 16 Aug 2019


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15 Aug 2019 Social Nurses' Health Study II shows high gluten intake is not assoc w/ a greater risk of Psoriasis (HR 1.15;0.98-1.36), Psoriatic arthritis (HR 1.12;0.78-1.62) or Atopic dermatitis (HR 0.91; 0.66-1.25); 85,185 Pso, 85,324 PsA & 63,443 atopic dermatitis patients.
01 Aug 2019 News Biologic Therapy Improves Psoriasis and Reduces CV Inflammation
31 Jul 2019 News Joint Surgery Rates Remain High in Psoriatic Arthritis
26 Jul 2019 Social RT @jrheum: The Assessment of Disease Activity in Psoriatic Arthritis: MDA, VLDA, DAPSA, or Something Else? #diseas…
23 Jul 2019 Social Dannish MRI study of 204 people (including 41 #AxSpA) shows that sacroiliac bone marrow edema is nonspecific, seen in 3-39% of non-SpA. Only SI erosions erosions, backfill & ankylosis were specific for axSpA. Few women w/ postpartum pain had SI erosion
19 Jul 2019 News Fatigue is Driven by Inflammation, Pain, and Chronicity in Psoriatic Arthritis
16 Jul 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! Discussing MAS, CBD, CCP in PsA, Cost savings w/ LLDAS, lupus pregnancy and no go on NGF. View here>> or listen on iTunes or SoundCloud>>
12 Jul 2019 Social Swedish registry comparison of 541 PsA 40944 non-PsA pregnancies between 1997-2014, shows PsA pregnancies had increased risks for preterm birth (adj OR 1.63) and caesarean deliveries (OR 1.47), but no increased risks for pre-eclampsia, stillbirth
11 Jul 2019 Social Analysis of 14 studies &3291 Psoriatic arthritis patients shows the overall frequency of anti-CCP antibodies=9.8%. In PsA, CCP+ was associated with increased risks of polyarthritis (OR 4.4), bone erosion (2.8), and dactylitis (1.98), but not of enthesitis.
04 Jul 2019 Social RT @RheumNow: Analysis from the BSRBR ankylosing spondylitis registry of 2420 AS pts shows that HLA-B27 is associated with an increased ris…
02 Jul 2019 Social RT @tuna0sashimi: FUTURE 5 secukinumab in PsA placebo arm only 12w. Week 52 pt can increase doses from 150mg to 300mg. 2y data presented. S…
28 Jun 2019 News CAM Use is Common in Psoriasis
24 Jun 2019 Social Study of PsA (N = 341) pts starting secukinumab with or without a baseline loading dose of SEC 150 mg, showed equal ACR20 responses at week 16 - 41.2% vs 39.8%. Despite some w/ an earlier response, the SEC loading dose may not be necessary.
21 Jun 2019 ACR Video Dr. Christopher Ritchlin - Advances in Psoriatic Arthritis
21 Jun 2019 ACR Video Dr. Atul Deodhar - Treating AS with Secukinumab
17 Jun 2019 Social RT @tuna0sashimi: FUTURE 5 secukinumab in PsA placebo arm only 12w. Week 52 pt can increase doses from 150mg to 300mg. 2y data presented. S…
17 Jun 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: EULAR HIGHLIGHTS. Ixekizumab beats adalimumab in PsA on combined end pt of skin + joints due to high skin response #EULAR…
03 Jun 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Craig Leonardi (Psoriasis Update for Rheumatologists)
03 Jun 2019 News Recommendations for Exercise in Ankylosing Spondylitis
29 May 2019 News Biologic Retention in Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients