Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019


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29 Jul 2019 Blog Millennial Medicine and Patient Care
26 Jul 2019 Social RT @AngusWorthing: A lot happening on reforms to curb high drug prices! Yesterday, @ChuckGrassley & @RonWyden's bill cleared Senate Finance…
21 Jul 2019 Social 40 years since the "House of God" by Samuel Shem, Dr. Len Calabrese's recollects on the books 40th anniversary. Join his summer book club and add some commentary! https://t.co/L8wiGpWk42
21 Jul 2019 Social Nearly half of Americans believe that the U.S. health care and health care providers are not compassionate. Studies show less than half of physicians and clergy exhibit compassion. (from COMPASSIONOMICS by Trseciak & Mazzarelli) https://t.co/z0F7Ql5oR3
18 Jul 2019 Social Its been FORTY years since the "House of God" by Samuel Shem changed your medical thinking, if not humor. Check out Dr. Len Calabrese's recollections of the books 40th anniversary & join his summer book club and add some commentary! https://t.co/L8wiGpWk42
17 Jul 2019 Social A review of 376 FDA advisory panels between 2008-15, finds that 22% of FDA’s final actions were discordant with an advisory panels recommendations (moreso w/ safety panels). Of these, 3/4 lead to more restrictive actions and 1/4 less restrictive decisions https://t.co/AK7KbwN2l5
09 Jul 2019 Social Judge rules that the Trump administration does not have the legal authority to Force Drugmakers To Include Prices In Ads https://t.co/zsJfg5xp4J
26 Jun 2019 Social The BMS merger with Celgene to be hastened by BMS divesting itself from Otezla. https://t.co/Ew0sg9YSaZ
21 Jun 2019 Social CDC reports a 3-10mos shortage of Aplisol, a PPD product. Another PPD product, Tubersol is available for skin testing. CDC recs to use IGRA blood tests for TST & prioritize TSTs. Switching from PPD to IGRA may result in conversions requiring interpretation https://t.co/eJGOHVCbkO
21 Jun 2019 ACR Video Dr. Kevin Winthrop - Expert Advice on TB Testing and Treatment from #EULAR2019
05 Jun 2019 Social Here's the application for A&R Editor position 2020-2025 https://t.co/IoyxAECAJ0
24 May 2019 Social "The Coach" is the title of my 15-minute TED-like talk at RheumNow Live. I'd like to know what you think. Check it out (for free) by registering for RheumNow Live On Demand https://t.co/1jGiIQXvua #rheumed
18 May 2019 Social Smartphone pictures (taken by patients) can be very helpful. One study in 40 Pediatric dermatology patients showed an 89% concordance between clinic visit and virtual picture diagnosis. https://t.co/ogk3UVIsJI
15 May 2019 Social Study from Rheumatology tries to correlate topic, citations, downloads and Altmetric ratings in rheumatology and finds tweeting about your research does not appear to influence citations. https://t.co/Bez5Infcnf
14 May 2019 Social Public health study from Norway compares the top 1% richest and bottom 1% poorest found significant difference in life expectancy -14 years for men and 8 years for women. Similar USA study finds roughly the same as in Norway. https://t.co/h1QFZmgXaJ
10 May 2019 News Employed Physicians Outnumber Self-Employed
08 May 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Ronald van Vollenhoven (The Science of Piano Playing and the Art of Medicine)
01 May 2019 Social Top 5 non-clinical jobs for physicians: 1 Hospital administrator; 2 Healthcare Organization Director; 3 Senior medical writer; 4 Healthcare Organization Director; 5 Health Educator https://t.co/EINNxdwdRk
29 Apr 2019 Social Creaky Joints - a great website for patients with arthritis is now available in Spanish! https://t.co/xvApzvY2Hh
15 Apr 2019 News Dr. Harold E. Paulus (1929-2019)