Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020


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11 Feb 2020 News Hypersensitivity Reactions and Gout Tx: Watch the Dose
10 Feb 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - The Reluctant Rheumatologist & Pegloticase
06 Feb 2020 Social Analysis of 30 synovial fluid samples (12 MSU, 18 CPPD); Gout crystals were ID at room temp (92%) & refrigerated (100%) for 7 days; CPPD crystals were less durable at room temperature (67%) after 7d; w/ less reduction when refrigerated in heparin tubes.
24 Jan 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - Bugs vs Crystals
22 Jan 2020 Social Population based study of ~72K chinese people shows that the DASH diet was assoc with significantly (30%) lower risk of hyperuricemia - more pronounced among older people (≥50 y), women and physically inactive (<0.01 for all). #Gout
14 Jan 2020 News Diabetics using SGLT2 Inhibitors have a lower Gout Risk
02 Jan 2020 Social Internet based study by Choi et al - looked at 517 gout patients and examined if gout flares were associated with vaccination. They found a twofold higher odds of gout flare (adjusted OR 1.99; 95% CI 1.01 to 3.89 in those who were vaccinated (any vaccine).
01 Jan 2020 Social Can Febuxostat be given to Allopurinol Hypersensitivity? Such pts not included in registrations trials; yet many literature reports of no toxicity & rare cross-Rxn; PI says ULORIC indicated w/ intolerance to allopurinol or when allopurinol Tx not advisable
28 Dec 2019 Social RT @Tuhina_Neogi: Should we keep our patients with #gout on colchicine indefinitely (if no contraindications/intolerances) for their higher…
18 Dec 2019 Social In Southern Sweden, the prevalence of non-gout crystal arthropathy (>1/3 of which was CPPD) is 0.23%, w/ meage of 71 yrs, more in men and increases w/ age. The incidence is 21.5 (19–25) cases/100,000 persons.
17 Dec 2019 News A Role for SGLT2 Inhibition in Gout?
13 Dec 2019 News Predicting Inpatient Gout Flares
12 Dec 2019 Social Caltech researchers developed a wearable sensor that detects & monitors uric acid levels. Shown to be elevated in both gout patients and normals after purine rich meals. Cool technology thats still a long way from commercial use.
04 Dec 2019 Social Ultrasound study of 980 #gout pts finds Bone erosions were seen in 44%, with 78.4% of these found in the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. Independent predictors include age, duration of gout, tophi, US synovitis and and joint effusion.
03 Dec 2019 Social RT @ACRheum: ACR/ARP 2019 attendees get “sneak preview” of updated gout clinical practice guideline → #ACR19
30 Nov 2019 Social RT @RheumatologyNet: Gout Attacks Intensify with Heart Failure #cardiovascular
29 Nov 2019 Social I didn’t realize how fast Pegloticase works. Assuming the urate burden of a gout patient, Pegloticase can degrade all the urate in the body over 5-40 days! #ACR19 3S050 Lipsky @_connectedcare
29 Nov 2019 Social Crossreactivity events between allopurinol rashes and febuxostat are very low
29 Nov 2019 Social New package labeling says febuxostat should only be considered after allopurinol has been tried or is contraindicated.
29 Nov 2019 Social PANLAR KOL recommendations for MSUS in gout clinic. Abs #301 #ACR19 @uptoTate @RheumNow