Friday, 03 Apr 2020


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11 Mar 2020 Social Annals of Internal Medicine has a Full read REVIEW of FIBROMYALGIA
04 Mar 2020 Social 35,248 rheumatic patients with 16 years follow-up finds an increase in all cause mortality in fibromyalgia & widespread pain (RR 1.19-1.38), and also for RA (RR 1.52). FM deaths included accidents, diabetes, suicide and HTN disorders
24 Feb 2020 Social FDA has approved IV meloxicam injection (called Anjeso, from Baudax Bio) for the treatment of moderate to severe pain in adults. Based on two phase 3 efficacy trials and one phase 3 safety study.
20 Feb 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - Trigger Finger
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @uptoTate: “A CDAI of over 40 is fibromyalgia!” In regard to RA patients on therapy. Dr. Cush @RheumNow @RWCSmtg #RWCS20
31 Jan 2020 News Half of Opioids Rx Come from 1% of MDs
28 Jan 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - The Problem with Pain
10 Jan 2020 Social MMWR report: In 2018, 28.0% of men and 31.6% of women aged ≥18 years had lower back pain in the past 3 months; increasing with age in women.
07 Jan 2020 Social 301 fibromyalgia #FM pts randomized to receive active‐TENS or placebo‐TENS or no‐TENS to use at home 2h/day for 4 wks. Active TENS had greater reduction in pain & fatigue vs placeboAND better global improvement (70% vs. 31%, p<0.0001)
16 Dec 2019 News Domestic Abuse Linked to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: #ACR19 Year in Review: Dr. Manzi Re: Medical Cannabis - "Bottom line is that it's here and our patients are ordering it off…
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @synovialjoints: Quote of the day from David Borenstein at #ACR19 “Low back and neck pain are second only to the cold the most common af…
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @_connectedcare: How the immersive, perception changing VR seems to change pain experience #ACR19 @rheumnow 5T027…
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @MaeveGamble: Abstr#1759: 64 pts randomized to either MTX 10mg or PBO. Evolution of pain b/w 2 groups no different. Function no differen…
11 Nov 2019 ACR Video Fibromyalgia Treatments: Dr. Philip Robinson
10 Nov 2019 Social RT @philipcrobinson: One thing that Dan Clauw pointed out in his #fibromyalgia talk was that legalising cannabis in a state leads to dramat…
30 Oct 2019 Social Study of 114 Fibromyalgia pts finds reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density - 63% in FM; but only 10-18%, of controls (p < 0.001). Such pts had more abnl EMG, higher pain intensity, paraesthesias. Small fiber neuropathy in FM - is it real?
10 Sep 2019 Social Opioid related deaths in the USA are more than 400,000. Australia has a similar opioid crisis with opioid-related deaths jumped from 439 (2006) to 1,119 in 2016 — a rise of 2.2 to 4.7 deaths per 100,000 people.
08 Aug 2019 Social Patients w/ pain, fatigue & myalgias should be #FM; but rarely could be Macrophagic myofasciitis -- rare myopathy manifest as "algias", weakness, fatigue, fever, & muscle tenderness. Dx by biopsy of vaccinated muscle showing PAS+ macrophages w/ aluminum
24 Jul 2019 Social FDA approves generic pregabalin (Lyrica) - for the management of fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain in diabetic neuropathy, and for postherpetic neuralgia or partial onset seizures & neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury.