Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020


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13 Feb 2020 Social RT @uptoTate: “A CDAI of over 40 is fibromyalgia!” In regard to RA patients on therapy. Dr. Cush @RheumNow @RWCSmtg #RWCS20
31 Jan 2020 News Half of Opioids Rx Come from 1% of MDs
28 Jan 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - The Problem with Pain
10 Jan 2020 Social MMWR report: In 2018, 28.0% of men and 31.6% of women aged ≥18 years had lower back pain in the past 3 months; increasing with age in women.
07 Jan 2020 Social 301 fibromyalgia #FM pts randomized to receive active‐TENS or placebo‐TENS or no‐TENS to use at home 2h/day for 4 wks. Active TENS had greater reduction in pain & fatigue vs placeboAND better global improvement (70% vs. 31%, p<0.0001)
16 Dec 2019 News Domestic Abuse Linked to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: #ACR19 Year in Review: Dr. Manzi Re: Medical Cannabis - "Bottom line is that it's here and our patients are ordering it off…
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @synovialjoints: Quote of the day from David Borenstein at #ACR19 “Low back and neck pain are second only to the cold the most common af…
12 Nov 2019 Social RT @_connectedcare: How the immersive, perception changing VR seems to change pain experience #ACR19 @rheumnow 5T027…
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @MaeveGamble: Abstr#1759: 64 pts randomized to either MTX 10mg or PBO. Evolution of pain b/w 2 groups no different. Function no differen…
11 Nov 2019 ACR Video Fibromyalgia Treatments: Dr. Philip Robinson
10 Nov 2019 Social RT @philipcrobinson: One thing that Dan Clauw pointed out in his #fibromyalgia talk was that legalising cannabis in a state leads to dramat…
30 Oct 2019 Social Study of 114 Fibromyalgia pts finds reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density - 63% in FM; but only 10-18%, of controls (p < 0.001). Such pts had more abnl EMG, higher pain intensity, paraesthesias. Small fiber neuropathy in FM - is it real?
10 Sep 2019 Social Opioid related deaths in the USA are more than 400,000. Australia has a similar opioid crisis with opioid-related deaths jumped from 439 (2006) to 1,119 in 2016 — a rise of 2.2 to 4.7 deaths per 100,000 people.
08 Aug 2019 Social Patients w/ pain, fatigue & myalgias should be #FM; but rarely could be Macrophagic myofasciitis -- rare myopathy manifest as "algias", weakness, fatigue, fever, & muscle tenderness. Dx by biopsy of vaccinated muscle showing PAS+ macrophages w/ aluminum
24 Jul 2019 Social FDA approves generic pregabalin (Lyrica) - for the management of fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain in diabetic neuropathy, and for postherpetic neuralgia or partial onset seizures & neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury.
17 Jul 2019 News A Potential Biomarker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients
11 Jul 2019 News NIH Conference Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
08 Jul 2019 Social Survey of 1000 customers of two adult-use cannabis retail stores in Colorado shows that 65% of adults use cannabis to relieve pain & 74% use it to promote sleep. Over 80% said that cannabis was very or extremely helpful for pain or sleep.
25 Jun 2019 News Study Looks at Opioid Use After Knee Surgery