Friday, 03 Apr 2020


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13 Mar 2020 Social A study of 656 symptomatic Knee OA, the presence of knee chondrocalcinosis did not affect the risk of future arthroplasty or disease progression at 5 years.
09 Mar 2020 News Diabetes in OA: Pain Is Worse
08 Mar 2020 Social QD Clinic 85 - HOPE for Hand OA; Watch it here or listen to it on the podcaast
08 Mar 2020 ACR Video QD Clinic - Hope for Hand OA
03 Mar 2020 Social Johnston County OA Project (1999–2015) found 327/800 with Xray hand OA (rHOA) - they were older, more often white and female. Women were more likely than men to have incident HOA, particularly for DIP rOA. HOA more frequent in whites vs AA
03 Mar 2020 Social EPOSA - 5 european OA cohorts studied showing 27% had 1 or falls; 10% fell twice or more (recurrent faller). Risk was associated with knee OA (RR-1.55). Opioids and analgesics mediated the associations between clinical OA and (recurrent) falls.
02 Mar 2020 Social Vitamin D deficiency is associated with lumbar disc disease and LBP in postmenopausal women; moresoe w/ very low vitamin D concentration < 10 ng/mL - study of 232 postmenopausal women
25 Feb 2020 Social HIP ATTACK trial assessed if accelerated surgery could reduce mortality & complications. 2970 Pts recv accelerated surgery (6 hr) vs standard care (24hrs). Risk of death (9-10%) & infection was the same; thus accelerated surgery did not lower risk
19 Feb 2020 Social RT @RheumNow: Important acronyms in both Ortho and Rheum. Dr Wm Bugbee at #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
19 Feb 2020 News JAK Inhibitors Stimulate Osteoblasts
19 Feb 2020 Social QD Clinic - Same Day? Outpatient Hip Replacements? Really? Listen on iTunes or here
17 Feb 2020 ACR Video Novel Therapies for Osteoarthritis
17 Feb 2020 ACR Video Update on Joint Arthoplasty 2020
15 Feb 2020 Social Engagement in sports increased odds of OA. Dr Wm Bugbee at #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
15 Feb 2020 Social Important acronyms in both Ortho and Rheum. Dr Wm Bugbee at #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Hip replacement is more satisfying than TKR. In general OA does better than RA #RWCS2020 @RheumNow
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: The type of THR predicts durability & for TKR pre op flexion predicts post op flexion not the replacement. Work on ROM fo…
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Out of control- injection of stuff into knee. Amniotic fluid, stem cells etc. NEED proper data. Not regulated and unprove…
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Post TJR post op physio is equal to 20$ foot pedal gizmo. Look at data and pts without physiology coverage or remote to p…
13 Feb 2020 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Who is more satisfied post joint replacement? #RWCS2020 @RheumNow