Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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11 May 2017 Social CAMERA Study: tis better to add 10mg pred to MTX than not: less Biologic use (30vs50%), less erosions, same safety https://t.co/Lw1WhjMNL1
03 Dec 2015 Social Drug use decreases in the Yr following Hip Replacement 14% decrease in opioids, 18% NSAIDS, & 13% drop in analgesics https://t.co/1rJ8iZel8k
26 Apr 2015 Social NSAID use after CABG declined 39 to 29% from 2004-10 (post op ketorolac most common) . Less use post 2005 FDA warning http://buff.ly/1Dz6WWe 
31 Aug 2016 Social In DMARD-naive RA pts, MTX in combo (Triple DMARD or MTX+Biologic) is clinically & Xray superior to MTX alone https://t.co/yKFYSgRHTh
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @RichardPAConway: Excellent, methotrexate is not and strong trend towards being protective #ACR17 https://t.co/rYfcPLFzgh
21 Feb 2017 Social Prior Authorizations by GI docs- 63%use >25%FTE and 73% make > 5 calls (37% >10 calls) per day to payors https://t.co/yYSjjcTGwq
10 Apr 2016 Social Rheumatologists New Daily Practice Rules: 1) Give Hope, 2) Set Goals, 3) Establish the Rules. Pts will leave w/ certainty, not questions
14 Apr 2017 Social Can you use 20 mg x3d to distinguish betw RA & OA? 95 pt study shows responses in 50% of RA, 20% OA. PPV .77, NPV .7 https://t.co/LAjqh9eQAI
13 Jul 2016 Social Small study of Bactrim in GPA (Wegeners) shows 25% relapse w/ continued Rx vs 45% relapse with Bactrim withdrawal. https://t.co/IQksnzI5mk
29 Jul 2016 Social RT @DeloitteHealth: Prescription drug spending increased 12.2 percent to $297.7 billion in 2014, and is still growing. https://t.co/a61JCP4…
27 Feb 2016 Social Diabolical Negativism & the negative narrator in your head - How to manage patients who worry, wont do what's Rx https://t.co/EgI2fSydmX
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @psufka: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy appears helpful for digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis #ACR17 @RheumNow #1704 https://t.co/…
26 Sep 2016 Social 5 severe PSS patients getting transplants were Rx w/ immunosuppressives; showed improvement in skin & lung function… https://t.co/t1a9a0plgh
01 Apr 2016 Social Check out our new article: "Be the CEO of Your Health" https://t.co/gp07SdomCk #run #ceo #role
14 Aug 2015 Social Leflunomide has 2wk 1/2 life & can be dosed weekly as 100mg/wk. China study shows 50/wk = 10 mg/d in efficacy, safety http://t.co/L4j1ucOwBm
30 Oct 2015 Social Dr. Art Weinstein teaches 6-MP can be used in Liver Dz (used in PBC)- AZA is a 6-MP pro-drug; AZA to 6-MP conversion impaired w/ liver dz.
23 Sep 2015 Social A new election issue - The cost of drugs is up >$100/person last year & pts are paying more on copays http://t.co/bMsEp8IEuU
19 Apr 2015 Social Phase II study 111 Behcets pts: Apremilast significantly lowered oral ulcers and pain vs PBO http://buff.ly/1FWpobS  pic.twitter.com/mEHmMJg2Ca
21 Jun 2016 Social @reinmd77 @Rheuma_suffolk Plaquenator sounds like a rheumatologic super-hero. I like this data but not enough to use HCQ alone in RA
06 Feb 2016 Social FDA advisory on traveling with medications. Check TSA site, <90d supply, need orig Rx or box w/ UR name & Drug name https://t.co/98ZcUiA5Ia