Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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13 Aug 2015 Social Metanalysis of Neuropathic pain therapy - Cymbalta, Lyrica, neurontin OK; less w/ TCA, opioids, tramadol, Botox http://t.co/Emv5KGzh5g
23 Nov 2016 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: "Homeopathy was always the dodgy second-hand car salesman of the alt-medical world" https://t.co/ZryvgtdiEC
11 Feb 2016 Social Why you need to take medications as prescribed, Tips from FDA to improve compliance. https://t.co/LlIAixEEMH
03 May 2015 Social Cellcept reviewed in PSS-21 RCT, 487 pts. High Rates W/D & AE (esp GI). Improved FVC (7) & skin/mRSS (5) seen in some http://buff.ly/1IzfCkW 
04 Apr 2017 Social Those were NOT the "golden" days of rheumatology; and the gold standard was never gold https://t.co/vNKr9O2VWE
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @psufka: Good news for HCQ: still appears that clinically significant toxicity remains rare. #ACR17 @RheumNow #8L https://t.co/04wLgCj07m
17 May 2016 Social Some kids w/ systemic JIA respond to NSAIDs alone: < 6 yrs, 5 or less joints, CRP<1.3mg/dl based on a cohort study https://t.co/WDX8cI834g
10 Nov 2015 Social RT @cgytz: Dr Boers, the Great Debate, why long-term prednisone is ok, regarding harm. #ACR15 https://t.co/bMkp5lD5ji
21 Jul 2015 Social CDC BRFSS Survey in 20 states shows that among those w/ Atherosclerotic CVD 70.8% take daily or qod Aspirin http://t.co/ywHHAU1oJS
05 Oct 2016 Social TaSER study 111 RA pts, shows US driven T2T treatment strategy was no more effective than DAS28 driven T2T outcomes https://t.co/3Vjq4pWODp
25 Jul 2016 Social Medicare list of Top 20 "priciest drugs" 2015: Humira is 6th ($886 million), Enbrel 12th ($586M), Lyrica 20th($461M) https://t.co/UDHSOh56hN
28 Dec 2016 Social Smoking and obesity significant impairs DMARD responses in CATCH study. https://t.co/xrbyV5eg9z
03 Mar 2017 Social 748 VA pts w/ RA & HCV shows ALT>100 uncommon 3.4%; slightly more w/ biologics vs DMARD(4.8% vs 2.3%), 3/4 w/in 6 mo https://t.co/OQeGNfaR6U
11 May 2015 Social RETRO Study RA inRemission, 12m flare higher if DMARD D/C(52%) vs tapered (32%),no change(16%) http://t.co/1sXHZWKpub http://t.co/AwPCXoFK9j
18 Mar 2016 Social NSAID use in Knee Osteoarthritis associated w/ incr risk venous thromboembolism; for all NSAIDs but not naproxen https://t.co/pucIdelcWj
20 Apr 2016 Social Top 10 Doctors Waiting Room Suggestions from the patients at Creaky Joints. Tanning beds did not make the list! https://t.co/ohNGalKiOh
28 Apr 2017 Social NPF Medical Board review says DMARDs (MTX, CyA,TNFi) can be continued perioperatively in Pso/PsA w/ low risk surgery https://t.co/tfNAxO1W9P
18 Oct 2015 Social RT @US_FDA: Happy birthday to Harvey Wiley, Father of the Pure Food & Drugs Act. Born this day in 1844 http://t.co/NUK6pTJ9w6 http://t.co/C…
09 Jun 2016 Social CATCH Early RA study shows delay in Biologic start w SC MTX use, elderly and low DAS. IOP0179 #Eular2016
11 Aug 2015 Social Is this really news or just surprising the DEA publicly admits marijuana aint so evil? http://t.co/iIrly77SGi