Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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16 Jul 2015 Blog Pick Up the Phone
20 Jul 2015 Social Weinblatt: NSAIDS may increase MTX levels - but not clinically relevant in RA pts w/ normal renal function http://t.co/O42nn3zbLM
21 Jul 2015 Social CDC BRFSS Survey in 20 states shows that among those w/ Atherosclerotic CVD 70.8% take daily or qod Aspirin http://t.co/ywHHAU1oJS
24 Jul 2015 News DSB: Drug Shortages July 2015
28 Jul 2015 News Not All Placebos are Equal: The Needle is Mightier than the Pill
30 Jul 2015 News NSAIDs are Risky in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
06 Aug 2015 Social Tylenol Metanalysis shows its ineffective at pain, QOL in back pain; marginal benefit w/ Knee OA, but 4x more LFTs http://t.co/Uucu0ltUS9
10 Aug 2015 News Statins Improve CV risk in RA
10 Aug 2015 Social Prevalence of NSAID-induced #Asthma is 9-10%. Mean inciting ASA dose=86 mg; ASA allergic has 2x risk of asthma flare http://t.co/vDURJO4vQR
11 Aug 2015 Social Is this really news or just surprising the DEA publicly admits marijuana aint so evil? http://t.co/iIrly77SGi
12 Aug 2015 Social The History of Aspirin - Created: August 10, 1897 http://t.co/CXiri2Yqbi
13 Aug 2015 Social Metanalysis of Neuropathic pain therapy - Cymbalta, Lyrica, neurontin OK; less w/ TCA, opioids, tramadol, Botox http://t.co/Emv5KGzh5g
14 Aug 2015 Social Leflunomide has 2wk 1/2 life & can be dosed weekly as 100mg/wk. China study shows 50/wk = 10 mg/d in efficacy, safety http://t.co/L4j1ucOwBm
14 Aug 2015 Social Leflunomide (Arava) reviewed at Rheumaknowledgy. LEF needs pre-Rx TB test as mTB has been described http://t.co/4DmAmonmL5
17 Aug 2015 News NSAIDs and the Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
18 Aug 2015 Blog TIPS for Arthritis Travelers
24 Aug 2015 Social Preconception Paternal DMARD/MTX exposure is not associated with untoward fetal outcomes http://t.co/y0JvywvYbt
25 Aug 2015 News Colon Cancer Risk Cut by Aspirin and NSAIDs
25 Aug 2015 Blog Off-Label Use – A Free Speech, Scientific and Safety Issue
28 Aug 2015 Social Jo-1 antisynthetase pts variable expression: 65% arthritis, 55% myositis, 51% ILD, 23% Raynauds, 19% mechanics hands http://t.co/p4efS61icp