Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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25 Jul 2016 Blog MONEYBALL
21 Jul 2016 News Little Evidence Favoring the Health Benefits of Vitamin D
17 Jul 2016 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Looks like hydroxychloroquine may contribute to lower infections in #lupus patients on steroids
13 Jul 2016 Social Small study of Bactrim in GPA (Wegeners) shows 25% relapse w/ continued Rx vs 45% relapse with Bactrim withdrawal.
09 Jul 2016 Social 5 ways to use Plaquenil better, smarter. safer in #Lupus. Great blog by Dr. Don Thomas.
09 Jul 2016 Blog Time for a Paradigm Change in Rheumatoid Arthritis
04 Jul 2016 Blog TIPS for Arthritis Travelers
30 Jun 2016 News Checkpoint Inhibitors Causing Arthritis
30 Jun 2016 Social Thalidomide MOA found to be from disruption of Cereblon-CD147-MCT1 complex causing birth defects & antitumor effect
22 Jun 2016 Social Nonseptic olecranon bursitis RCT similar improved w/ compression+NSAID(85%), aspiration+steroid(85%);aspiration(65%)
22 Jun 2016 Blog I Got a Hug Today
22 Jun 2016 News New EULAR Guidelines on Behçet's
21 Jun 2016 Social @reinmd77 @Rheuma_suffolk Plaquenator sounds like a rheumatologic super-hero. I like this data but not enough to use HCQ alone in RA
21 Jun 2016 News A $20 Drug Company Meal Yields 2-5 Times More Prescriptions
10 Jun 2016 ACR Video EULAR 2016 Update - Dr. Jack Cush
09 Jun 2016 Social CATCH Early RA study shows delay in Biologic start w SC MTX use, elderly and low DAS. IOP0179 #Eular2016
07 Jun 2016 Social FDA has issued a warning for risk of bleeding assoc. w/ OTC ASA containing Antacids (alka-seltzer, bromo-seltzer)
06 Jun 2016 Slide of the day Treatment of Latent TB Infection
31 May 2016 Social 1487 pts w/ LBP, only 18.7% takes meds; anxiolytics 14%; NSAIDs 12%; analgesic 7%; muscle relax. 3%; opioids, 1.6%
31 May 2016 News Patients Undertreated and Uninformed on Pain Meds and NSAIDs