Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Anti-Rheumatic Rx

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10 Apr 2016 Social "The business is the affliction they must manage, deal with & plan for." Be your own CEO https://t.co/gp07SdomCk #physicians #run #business
17 Feb 2017 Social Study of nurse lead care (NLC - NPs or clin nurse specialists) shows NLC equal to or superior to MD care https://t.co/IVKpLo8QGj
13 Apr 2017 Social High risk pts who need NSAID & ASA 81, should be given Celecoxib plus PPI and avoid naproxen: CONCERN RCT https://t.co/DgHgLBLthz
09 Jul 2016 Social 5 ways to use Plaquenil better, smarter. safer in #Lupus. Great blog by Dr. Don Thomas. https://t.co/fsABcabPPQ
04 May 2015 Social Review of IVIG indications (ITP, Guillain-Barré, CDIP, inflammatory myopathies, ANCA-associated vasculitides) http://buff.ly/1GTstfE 
26 Aug 2016 Social RT @PhRMA: ~90% of all meds filled in US are generics. Timely approval critical to patient access & hc long-term sustainability https://t.c…
08 Jun 2015 Social RT @HealioRheum: Methotrexate, cyclosporine not helpful to patients with #myositis, poor response to glucocorticoids: http://t.co/3jhRyYpGT…
13 Aug 2015 Social Metanalysis of Neuropathic pain therapy - Cymbalta, Lyrica, neurontin OK; less w/ TCA, opioids, tramadol, Botox http://t.co/Emv5KGzh5g
03 Jan 2017 Social NY Times article says Acthar is "single most expensive drug per patient" costing Medicare $162371/pt for 3100 Tx pts https://t.co/cskPO7OM1E
24 Apr 2016 Social RT @psufka: Great article on @RheumNow about a topic I’d never thought about: “Why My Patients Sit Where They Sit” https://t.co/R9tS0hmMF2
07 Mar 2017 Social Controversial results from RheumNow Survey: 90% US Rheums use folate 1mg qd but 76% EU non-US Rheums use 5-10mg qWk https://t.co/GbBc33tBDS
21 Mar 2016 Social Women are 1.5-2x more likely than men to have ACL tears - estrogen is key. F on birth control have less ACL surgery https://t.co/t1BcPJt7mq
29 Oct 2015 Social 6/16 top DTC drugs are rheumatology Rxns https://t.co/YvqK7zXhG8
04 May 2017 Social FDA approved oral MTX soln(Xatmet) 2.5mg/ml for poly JIA. Much cheaper to drink parenteral MTX (2.5mg/ml) @same dose https://t.co/T0os9AW4KS
20 May 2015 Social Treat 2 target in 25K CORRONA RA pts yields 21% reduction in MI, CV events for every 10pt drop CDAI, 53% w/ remission http://t.co/hnQZZvuahE
13 Oct 2017 Social Rheumatology therapeutics market valued at $15billion in 2015, expected to grow to $46bn by 2014. https://t.co/ttBbcKr5Qq
21 Sep 2016 Social Managing MTX toxicity - this seems to be everyones favorite blog piece from RheumNow. https://t.co/V0oQS95Em3
23 Jun 2015 Social Can #arthritis be controlled w/ a Meditteranean diet - low glycemic foods, fish, fruit, beans, veggies, nuts? http://t.co/xFlNwSZD3f
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: RA pts w/ inc pregnancy complication risk. Higher maternal age in RA pop. 2/2 infertility #ACR17 @RheumNow #1317 https://…
19 Oct 2016 Social MHRA in UK alters the etoricoxib rec dose in ankylosing spondylitis to 60 mg qd (was 90) - concern over CV risks https://t.co/15cjounSYm