Friday, 03 Apr 2020

Submissions Policy


We welcome relevant submissions for blog posts, original features, gems and more.


Blog posts (original content/commentary)

We seek content that interests or resonates with other rheumatologists:

  1. Write something that a) you are clear or passionate about; b) answers/clarifies a question or issue that rheums need; c) comes across as if speaking to one person rather than writing a journal editorial.
  2. Consider presenting your topic as a list that explains or prioritizes, such as Top 5 ___, true/false, myths vs. facts, best or worst practices.
  3. Your perspective on research, advances, practice, changes in medicine or the life of a rheumatologist.

Submissions should be between 400-1500 words. Images are not only welcome, but encouraged. References aren’t necessary, but if included should be limited to five. Explore our site regularly to get a feel for the content we publish.



Gems are brief statements that summarize the clinical wisdom of rheumatologists. Have a gem to share, something you've learned post-training that could help other rheumatologists? Submit it for consideration!


Send submissions and inquiries to All contributors are asked to include a head shot and answer four disclosure questions. We look forward to hearing from you!